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An amazing 5-day journey Sea Kayaking and Hiking through the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Nærøyfjord, Norway.

Tour Highlights

  • Hiking the Rimstigen trailhead
  • Viewpoint of Breiskreinosi summit
  • Visiting Lægdafossen waterfall exit point
  • Wild camping and Indoor stays at unique fjord side locations
  • 2 Day Sea Kayaking return journey through the Nærøyfjord

Fitness level required

Participants are required to be in normal to good physical shape, managing daily hikes of up to 15 km in steep terrain, up to 1.200 meters elevation gain and carrying a pack weighing up to 10 kgs for the duration of the day, with around 5 scheduled breaks.

This trip begins at 09:00 our Sea Kayaking Center in Gudvangen

We can offer transport from Voss to Gudvangen early morning if you are staying there the night before.

Day 1 – Hiking – Gudvangen to Hjølmo 

We transfer to our Sea Kayaking Center in Gudvangen after breakfast, here you are introduced to our guides who will host a welcome meeting and go through the plans for the next 5 days with the group.

After providing all members with their personal gear we begin packing for the tour. Drybags and storage bags are provided and we make plans for what will be needed for the Hiking and Sea Kayaking part of the tour and what can be left behind in storage.

Our Hike today begins from Gudvangen mid-morning and will take us along the fjord to the village of Bakka, from where further journeys into the fjord is only possible by boat. As we pass Bakka, a trailhead starts from fjord level and  head up the mountain towards the viewpoint Rimstigen, located 725 meters above the fjord.


From Rimstigen, our the trail cuts back into a shallow glacial valley before we again begin an ascent to a ridge overlooking the fjord.

We aim to reach the summit of Breiskreinosi 1.189 masl in the late afternoon – the views from here are stunning as we watch the fjord landscape spread out far below us.

After a well-deserved rest and some refreshments, we begin our descent down the plateau and soon catch a glimpse of Styviseggi and the valley leading us past some of the old summer farms in the area of Vassete and to our home for the night at the summer farms at Hjølmo, some 550 meters above sea level.

Our evening is spent in a cozy mountain cabin cooking dinner, enjoying the surroundings, getting our gear ready for the next day and getting some rest.

Elevation gain: Up to 1.200 meters

Hiking distance: 18-20 km

Elevation loss: 650 meters

Day 2 – Hiking – Hjølmo to Lægdane

Today’s hike will take us deeper into the backcountry and back up to elevations of around 1000 meters as we venture into the highlands above the fjord. We will be above the tree line for large parts of today and will navigate our way across the rugged mountain plateau hovering high above the fjord below. This area is fully snow-covered during winter and we will likely still be hiking on hard compacted snow on certain areas, which surprisingly makes hiking easier than on the animal trails we otherwise would track.

Depending on the group ability and weather, we may be able to visit un-planned locations this day as the plateau is vast and several options exists for reaching our next stopping point, Lægdane. This area is home to a sub-alpine Furu forest, in the past a source for high-quality timber due to the slow-grown furu trees found here. It is an area of wetlands, small lakes hidden away in the forest and the water flow from this area is feeding the large waterfall of Lægdafossen, one of the most impressive waterfalls found in the fjord that plunges all the way down to the fjord below through canyons as it exits the wetlands from 700 meters elevation.

We will set up camp in or near the forest area depending on conditions. Depending on the timing of the day we will go and explore the waterfall exit point either late afternoon or the following morning, taking in the views to the fjord system far below.

Elevation gain: Up to 550 meters

Hiking distance: 10-14 km

Elevation loss: 250 meters

Day 3 – Hiking – Lægdane to Fresvik

Waking up in the sub-alpine forest area, we have to relax this morning before breaking down camp and beginning our hike up across the plateau and down to the fjord side village of Fresvik further North.

This hike is mainly downhill and pretty easy as we soon enter a more frequently used trail. We lose all elevation gained prior to today and will mid-afternoon catch the first glimpse of Fresvik below, offering magnificent views across the main Sognefjord and to its northern shores.

As we enter the valley leading down to Fresvik we will be passing small local farms – this area grows a lot of fruit and vegetables due to the mild climate found here and as we get back down to the fjord, we get to experience the tranquility living in a small community at the fjord brings.

This evening we pitch our tents on the shore of the fjord and celebrate the end of our hike – , getting excited about replacing our hiking boots with Sea Kayaks tomorrow morning!

Elevation gain: Up to 250 meters

Hiking distance: 11-12 km

Elevation loss: 1.000 meters

Day 4 –  Sea Kayaking – Fresvik to Dyrdal

We begin our morning breaking down our campsite and preparing for packing up our Sea Kayaks, making sure we get everything with us needed for the next 2 days venturing into the fjord system by Sea Kayaks. Our guides will host a morning briefing prior to today’s paddle, covering paddle technique, equipment use and adjustment, as well as a general safety briefing.

We aim to be on the water by late morning and begin our journey into the waters of the main Sognefjord.

Soon Fresvik will disappear behind us and by early afternoon we enter the Northern end  of t

he Aurlandsfjord which is a sidearm to the larger main fjord.

During the afternoon we arrive at the entrance to the much smaller Nærøyfjord as we enter the UNESCO World Heritage site again, / the waters are usually calm and welcoming here, – the mountains sheltering the fjord from prevailing winds has summits reaching up to 1.700 meters and are towering high above us. We will be passing the Lægdafossen waterfall again but this time it is offering completely different views as our perspective is now from fjord level.

Today offers good opportunity to perhaps spot some of the wildlife found in the fjord – seals, porpoises and the rare Sea Eagle and King eagle that inhabits the region.

Late afternoon we arrive at a suitable pull-out – rare to find in this part of the fjord – our camp is set up on the waters edge. Dinner is prepared on open fire, later on we crank up the fire and the campfire will keep us warm tonight.

Sea Kayaking distance today: 22 km

Hours of paddling: 5-6 hrs in total with 2 possible stops along the way

Day 5 – Sea Kayaking – Dyrdal to Gudvangen

This morning we have some time to enjoy life in our campsite before breaking down camp and packing up our kayaks again.

On today’s paddle, just as we thought the scenery could not be beaten, we continue our paddle into the majestic Nærøyfjord. In this part of the fjord, waterfalls are common and we can now witness and appreciate the waters flow from summit to fjord, having visited the sources for these powerful waterfalls on our past few days hiking the highlands above.

Green meadows soon make up the landscape along the side banks of the fjord. We have reached the central part of the Nærøyfjord where small scale farming has played an important role for centuries. Pulling out for lunch at a scenic location, we learn how people have survived here for thousands of years and how life in the fjords gradually changed into the society we have today.

Late afternoon we catch Gudvangen in view from our kayaks as we enter the innermost part of the fjord.

We pull out our fleet of kayaks in Gudvangen and unpack all gear before we gather at the Nordic Ventures Sea Kayaking center for an end of journey celebration of our new acquired Sea kayaking skills.

Early in the evening we transfer back to Voss where we check in to showers, warm soft beds awaits and we get a good night’s sleep.

Sea Kayaking distance today: 12-13 km

Hours of paddling: 3-4 hrs in total with 1-2 stops along the way

Note: This tour may be run in reverse order if needed or if weather conditions are such that reversing the tour would be an advantage.

Pricing Norwegian Fjords and  Summits:

NOK 9.495,- per person. 

The list below is updated as new tours sets up and becomes available.
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