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Norway Trip CostNorway has a reputation for being an expensive country for tourists to visit – in our experience you can to a large extend help reduce the Norway Trip Cost by planning your trip wisely and following a few simple tips.

In order to assist you in reducing your Norway Trip Cost, we have put together some advice on how to plan and manage your budget and time here below:

How to Save Time on Your Norway Trip

  • Make a clear list of the main things you want to give priority to see and do while here. Figure out best loop for reducing travel time and expenses. Then start looking into suitable accommodation along your route.
  • Consider renting a car while here – this option can be worthwhile if you are traveling 2 people or more together. You can then go where you like and when you like, making stops at scenic places and easily divert off the main tourist track and see the hard to get to places. We find that with a rental car you are likely to see much more compared to if you base your travels on public transport. Keep in mind that parking in bigger cities are expensive – a good reason to come see provincial Norway where life is still good.
  • Try to plan your stay in such a way that you avoid backtracking the same route to the extend possible. Many people take the train from Oslo to Bergen and then backtrack to Voss and the fjords for several trips. You can avoid this by planning your overnight stays better and breaking your trip up into smaller journeys.
  • Nordic Ventures can quote you for private shuttles from most locations in Western Norway when joining us for our tours – if we are available we will be happy to offer transportation beyond what is normally included in our tours at very competitive rates. This can easily reduce your  overall Norway Trip Cost and time, especially if you have at least 4 people traveling together.

How to Reduce the Norway Trip Cost

  • Increase the length of your stay.
  • Avoid backtracking on your itinerary – public transportation in Norway is expensive and why pay for the same thing 2 times?
  • Occasionally buy your lunch in a supermarket and make your own sandwiches out in nature – which is plentiful in Norway, a good choice of selections are available and you may sample some of our local food at a reasonable price
  • Bring a water bottle and frequently fill it with local tap water. Norway enjoy some of the cleanest and purest water worldwide so why spend money on expensive bottled water and burden the environment with littering of plastic bottles.
  • Research accommodation early and if possible at all book early – specially if you are traveling during peak season, otherwise you may find yourself paying more than you have to for second choice accommodation. Check the cancellation policy before you book so you know where you stand in case you have to change your plans.
  • Bring your duty free allowance into Norway, a couple of bottles of wine, alcohol or some beers, – prices in Norway are higher and you cannot buy alcohol in many places.
  • Check out the value of our overnight tours – if you combine costs of accommodation, food and transportation you will see that it is actually not much more expensive to go on a guided and fully catered experience with everything included. ( our 5 cents worth of advertising placed here )
  • Again – consider renting a car. It could possible help reduce your overall travel expenses if you are 2 or more people together, – TIP: Most Campsites in Norway offer Camping huts/cabins in addition to camping or camper van sites. These huts are usually very reasonable priced and if you do a bit of homework and call around you can prebook them so you can arrive late knowing they are not sold out. This can give you big savings and allow you to spend less time in accommodation and more time out seeing things while not relying on public transportation timetables to get back early.
  • Again – if you are not going to rent a car, Nordic Ventures can quote you for private shuttles from most locations in Western Norway when joining us for our tours – if we are available we will be happy to offer transportation beyond what is normally included in our tours at very competitive rates. It can save you time and money but is normally more cost efficient if you are at least 4 people traveling together.

The above are just a few hints to how you can ensure you will get the most out of your stay here. If you get stuck at any specific point in your planning you are welcome to send us an e-mail and if it’s something we can help you figuring out we will try. If it is beyond our capacity we will let you know too.

If you are coming to Norway with a group of minimum 6 people and up it may also be worthwhile asking us for a quotation for a private and custom designed trip taking you to all the right places at the right time. Our Professional guide can stay with you for a few days or a week+ , you decide – we are experts in custom tours that travel through Western Norway. We can design a tour for your group meeting you as you arrive in the airport, all transport, accommodation and catering included throughout the trip. We will normally use a combination of camping, guesthouses, farmstays and hotels on these trips. Our activities offered can be included or excluded from these custom trips as per your preference. We need a fair amount of information from you in order to come up with the best way to reduce your Norway Trip Cost – best provided by phone or e-mail.

Feel free to contact us for more detailed information on how to get the most out of your Norway Trip Cost.


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