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Take a look at our frequently asked questions, and if you don’t find an answer feel free to contact us today.

Our season normally starts Mid April and we continue offering our tours until early October. For 2020 we are open for bookings from April 14th and until October 1st.

Our season is divided into 3 subseasons that are distinct different; Late Spring, Summer and early Autumn.

Late Spring is from end April until early June. First half of this period the trees in the fjord region are not yet fully green. We witness snow avalanches high up in the mountains on most trips during this time, very spectacular. From Mid May until early June colours are becoming more pronounced, waterfalls are now fully powered and mountain peaks still snow covered. During this period we hike on snow on our 3 day tours in the upper half of the hike. From mid to late May and until early July we often have the best conditions for taking great pictures.

Mid June to Mid/ Late August is our Summer. Temperatures are usually very comfortable for kayaking and camping alike, the fjord sees more tourism traffic during this time but still plenty of space for kayakers. Hiking is easy as most snow has melted away now. Days are incredibly long and from early June to late July we pretty much got daylight 20-22 hours a day. From Mid August we start to see days getting shorter and eventually during late August first signs of Autumn are visible in the fjords.

September is early Autumn and colours start to change in the fjords, less tourism traffic and a real nice time to visit the fjords. Temperatures are dropping and days getting shorter, Early October can still be very nice for kayaking but as we see less traffic and it gets colder, we usually cease our tours from first or second week in October. On request we can arrange tours for groups into October and November – contact us for details.

Yes they can – and they usually do extremely well! Make sure your choice of tour is suitable for the age and ability level of your children to ensure they will have a good time with us. In general we recommend the following minimum age for children in order to join our tours: Laketour – 4-5 years Daytour 9-12 years 2 day Overnight Tour – 8 years for private of family tours, 11-12 years for our standard tours, 3 day Overnight tours – 12 years and up. We will normally use our double kayaks for families with younger children and have special smaller sized paddle gear available for children.

No experience is needed in order to join our tours. For our 3 day guided tour you should be normally fit in order to complete the hike. If you are uncertain if you skill or fitness level is sufficient to participate in a tour please send us an e-mail or call and we will try to help you determine which tour is better for you.

We recommend flying into Bergen airport ( BGO ) – see our Travel Advice section for a detailed explanation of why we consider this the better option of the two.

Depending on the time you have available and whether you will travel by car or public transport, we have made up some recommendations for what to consider including in your visit, see the Travel Advice section for details. We also have a list of useful links that will help you plan your tour.

We understand that sometimes plans change and that you may have to cancel your booking. We offer some of the most flexible cancellation plans in the industry and you will be able to get a full refund providing you let us know about your cancellation well in advance. For cancellations within a shorter timeframe we do apply cancellation fees as we have kept your space on our tour and may be unable to re-book that to others on a short notice. No shows, late cancellations or same day cancellations are charged at 100% and no refunds are issued. We will be able to issue you an invoice for your tour that you may use towards your travel insurance for a refund depending on the details of your insurance policy. In short – if you need to change your plans, please let us know as early as possible and we will work around that.

Our tours will still go ahead in less than ideal weather conditions including rainy days. We have the proper equipment to deal with all kinds of weather on our trips and will work hard to ensure we still have a great time out. The Nærøyfjord area is one of the driest areas of Norway and despite heavy rain in nearby regions, specially on the coastline, we often have much better weather in the fjord area allowing us to run our trips unaffected. On strong windy days we can be forced to cancel a trip for safety reasons in which case you will receive a 100% refund. We have had to cancel 6 departures in 16 years of operation due to weather.

Yes we can – we cater for all food restrictions whether for preference, health or religions reasons for trips up to 7 days duration. This includes Vegetarian, Vegan, Glutenfree, Diabetic, Nut allergies, Kosher, Halal or any other diet you can explain to us. We need however to be notified about these requirements at the time of your booking in order to ensure we can meet your expectations.

We have made a list of the things we recommend you bring for your tour here (Pre-Trip Information: What to bring)

We offer free storage of your belongings at our base in Gudvangen and Voss while you are out on a tour with us. If you have exceptionally bulky or fragile items you need to bring along please do notify us in advance and we will make sure we can bring that with us in our vehicle or trailer. Examples would be bicycles or larger than usual amounts of luggage.

Yes, we supply the tents as standard on our overnight tours and you will be able to rent a sleeping bag and sleeping pad. Any thing else you find your self missing can usually be organized by us if you find yourself unprepared.

No problem – as long as we still got space on our tours you can still join us. We can usually get you onboard on a last minute basis. For last minute bookings please call us or come to our base in person as the online booking will not accept last minute booking for logistical reasons.

We have a page where we list some of the more common places of accommodation used by our clients and that are affordable, nearby our meeting places and recommended by us. ( visit our Accommodation page )

Yes, on request we set up Sea Kayaking introduction courses that will teach you the basics of Sea Kayaking and focus on wet exits, re-entry of your kayak and rescues. Advanced paddle strokes are covered as well. What is unique about our Sea Kayaking courses is that for some of the courses we include basic White water practice which will give you a much more efficient progress and control over your kayak. At the end of the course you get a Norwegian certification ( Wet card/ Vått kort ) that is your entry level certification. We also offer more advanced courses and may be able to issue you a certification from another country as some of our guides hold International valid Instructors licenses. These courses require a minimum of 2 people and are quoted request and tailor made to your wishes and timeframe. Contact us for details.

We accept Guide applications throughout the year but in general complete our hiring process for an upcoming season during the period of December to March. Follow the link ( Guide applicants page ) here to see our requirements for guides. Please note that if your application is incomplete you may not receive a reply from us.

Yes, most areas have reasonable good cell phone coverage and in most of the villages you will find easy access to power allowing you to charge your phone. There are some areas where phone coverage is absent or limited to SMS only. We recommend treating your tour as a holiday and using your phone as little as possible. We offer you waterproof storage boxes for keeping your phone safe during your trip. You may also charge your phone at our base prior to your tour if needed.

Please contact us by phone or alternatively e-mail as soon as possible and we will try to locate your missing items if we have not already found them. We will post them to you free of charge if found. If you are reading this the best advice we can give you in order to avoid this is to check your pockets, equipment and vehicles used when we finish the tour as that prevents this from happening.

Please e-mail us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you cannot figure out by browsing our website. If we find the question important we may update this section and include the answer for further improving our site.


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