The Norwegian Fjords

Norway is a country of Mountains, Fjords and Glaciers. During the Ice age both the Ice and the Rivers carved deep Valleys in the Rocks. As the climate changed most of the Ice melted, and the Valleys were gradually filled with Salt water from the Coast, thus creating the Fjords. Not all of the Ice melted, leaving parts of the high mountain areas still covered with Ice, thus creating the Glaciers we know today.


Travel Advice

The two main gateways for arriving into Norway by air is either Oslo or Bergen. If your main purpose for visiting Norway is to see the most spectacular parts of the country – including the World famous Norwegian fjords – we strongly recommend choosing Bergen as entry point, even if your ticket costs will be a little more than if flying to Oslo.


Weather and Climate

Average summer conditions provide us some of the best Sea Kayaking conditions found world-wide. Constant daylight, comfortable temperatures, sheltered waters and great scenery all help making the experience unique even for beginners or first time paddlers.



For staying overnight in our area prior to the tour we can recommend the following places in either Voss or Gudvangen depending on where you prefer to meet us.


Pre-trip Information: What You Need to Bring

While we supply most of what you will need during your tour with us, there are still some basic items of personal nature you should bring yourself.


Useful Links

Website resources to help you plan and prepare for your trip to Norway.



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