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We offer both, double or single Sea Kayak Rentals to ensure you enjoy the Fjords or Lakes at your own pace with friends. Our kayak rental packages include all paddling related equipment, personalized instruction and a comprehensive briefing covering basic safety before your trip begins.

Packing up for a trip can be stressful if you haven’t done this before so we provide assistance with pre-trip packing advise and preparations during our briefing.

You can further upgrade your rental experience by taking some basic lessons with one of our guides on an hourly rate or spending a few days with us taking a basic Sea Kayaking certification. We recommend these options to be pre-booked to ensure we got staff available on time.

After your initial briefing and gearing up, you are then able to start your adventure without any further delays. Allow 1-1/2 hour for preparing for a day rental and 1 1/2-2 hours to prepare and pack up for an overnight or longer rental.

You will need to fill out our kayak rentals form when taking delivery of the equipment as well as leave us a copy of your planned tour itinerary.

There are very few shops out in the fjords! We recommend stocking up on food in Gudvangen prior to your tour, there is a small supermarket situated near our base. You can purchase food and sometimes also meals from some of the smaller villages adjacent to the water but options are limited.

All drinking water should ideally be treated. We recommend you bring enough water with you even though most water found in natural springs is of drinking quality. Alternatively you should boil the water collected, before use.

  • There is a fire ban in the outdoors during most of our season, other than at designated sites. At certain times of the year the ban does not apply. You can usually light a fire next to the water but need to show caution and not damage nearby vegetation.
  • You are in a Landscape protection area and as such you are not allowed to move stones around and build new firepits, transfer stones to help hold your tent down and so on.
  • You must pack out all your rubbish. There are no rubbish disposal facilities in the natural found campsites adherent to the fjords and you are expected to pack and bring everything back with you.

There are sections of private land in some areas meeting the fjords. These areas will not necessarily be well sign posted, you should respect the privacy of the land owners if they do not allow camping on their land. Usually you will have no problems finding suitable places for staying overnight. Maximum stay in each campsite is 2 nights, unless otherwise agreed with land owners. We provide information on these issues as a part of your briefing.

The tides rise and fall twice a day and you will need to take this into consideration when pulling out kayaks and leaving them near the waters edge. Tidal difference is about 3 feet on most days but significanly higher on spring tide.

We can provide our rental clients with waterproof map cases on request, maps are sold seperately, showing possible campsites, possible sea kayaking hazards and notes on points of interest.

For walking most of the foot tracks, firm footwear is required, but boots are not essential.

On a kayak rental. your group is required to have your own set of outdoor first aid equipment with your or it can be rented from our base in Gudvangen.

We supply bilge pumps and a spare paddle for each group.

In general you can choose either Single or Double kayak rentals – depending on the time of our season both types of kayaks are usually available. We do however reserve the right to limit our option to double kayak rentals, only if we consider your paddle skills to be unsuitable for handling a single kayak on your own. Our guides will help you make the right choice.


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