The Nærøyfjord

The pearl of all Fjords! – we are sure you will agree when you have seen and experienced the Nærøyfjord! The area is truly unique and definitely one of the most spectacular fjords in the world. It was included on UNESCO‘s prestigious list of World Heritage Parks in July 2005, thus ensuring that future generations can still enjoy what we are today. We welcome this accomplishment and work actively to preserve this fantastic and natural resource.

The Nærøyfjord heritage park represents an area of total 570 square kilometres in the counties of Sogn & Fjordane and Hordaland.

We offer guided Sea Kayaking tours taking you to the heart of this fantastic area and away from the crowds.

Surrounded by mountains and glaciers higher up, it represents in reality the popular image of the famous Norwegian fjords.
If you plan to visit this area, make sure you do see it from the seat of a kayak ­ it is probably the most unique ways of experiencing the fjords, while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery found here.