The spectacular Hardangerfjord is yet another of the more famous fjords in the world.
The scenic landscape varies from wild and rugged mountain masses that come right up out of the fjord, to verdant farmland with storybook villages. The geology is exposed and when you see the snout of a receding glacier glistening at the end of a fjord, it’s clear that this river of ice obviously cut the chasm before you.

Norway’s biggest fruit production area is found along one of the Southern arms of the fjord, Sørfjorden. If you come to Fjord Norway, make sure you pay a visit to this region and taste some of the local fruit, which become available during mid summer.

Our kayaking experiences on the Hardangerfjord take place on the Northern side, with tours offered out of Ulvik or Osa. Should you be staying on the Southern side and wish to come kayaking with us you will have to cross the fjord by ferry. Good ferry connections are found at the crossings points at Brimnes, Kinsarvik or Utne.