Pre-Trip Information: What you need to bring

While we supply most of what you will need during your tour with us, there are still some basic items of personal nature you should bring yourself. If you end up needing to leave some belongings with us including suitcases etc. just mention it to your guide and we can get that stored in our container for you.

For our Daytours we recommend you bring the following:

  • A warm top, either a fleece jacket or similar thickness.
  • A suncap or beanie hat
  • Sunglasses with retainer strap if available
  • Your camera – fully charged battery and empty memory stick (we supply waterproof camera boxes)
  • Swim wear if available
  • A water bottle or similar, can be filled at our base
  • Personal medication if needed

For our overnight tours we recommend you bring the following:

  • Sleeping bag – can be rented if you do not have your own or prefer to travel light
  • Sleeping mat (that packs up as small as possible, preferably inflatable therm-a-rest type – can be rented if you do not have your own or prefer to travel light)
  • Good quality jacket with hood
  • Warm clothing for the evenings at the campsite. Warm jacket, long pants, fleece jacket, extra socks.
  • We also recommend one set of long underwear (pants + top) as this will help you stay warm (Wool or Polypropylene works better than cotton in the outdoors)
  • If joining our 3 day guided tour: a soft type daypack (no frame) of 15-20 liter in volume for use on the hike day 2.
  • If joining our 3 day guided tour: Goretex boots are preferred for the hiking day but as a minimum a pair of trainers, then extra socks are needed as some areas will be wet/moist and socks can get wet.
  • If joining our 3 day guided tour during May and June, Gators can be an advantage if you have them since they will help prevent you getting wet socks.
  • A pair of thin bicycle gloves if you easily develop blisters. For the colder part of our season we provide neoprene gloves if needed but not during the summer months
  • A small towel, travel size
  • A suncap or beanie
  • Sunnies with a retainer strap if possible, Sun Protection lotion if needed
  • Personal water bottle – we will be able to refill this during the trip
  • Personal snacks if needed
  • Toiletry items, personal medication if needed
  • Camera, remember to charge battery! (we supply waterproof camera boxes)

If you are allergic to insect bites, we recommend you take medication with you (antihistamines). Please inform your guide if you have any severe allergies so we are aware and can prepare accordingly.
After confirming a booking for one of our overnight tours you will receive a more detailed e-mail with advise on what we provide and what you should bring yourself. If you for any reason are missing any items you can contact us and we can usually help you out.